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Find the average number between any given numbers.

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An Average Calculator is a tool or software program that calculates the average or mean value of a set of numbers.

The average is a commonly used statistical measure that represents the central value of a data set. It is calculated by adding all the numbers in the set and dividing by the total number of values.

There are different types of averages that can be calculated based on the data set. The most commonly used averages are:

Arithmetic Mean: This is the most common type of average, which is calculated by adding up all the values in the set and dividing by the total number of values.

Weighted Average: This type of average is used when different values in the set have different weights or importance. It is calculated by multiplying each value by its weight, adding up the weighted values, and dividing by the total weight.

Geometric Mean: This type of average is used for sets of values that are related by multiplication, such as growth rates or investment returns. It is calculated by taking the nth root of the product of n values.

Average calculators can be found in various forms, such as online tools, mobile apps, or built-in features in spreadsheet programs. They are useful for a wide range of applications, such as calculating the average score of a test, determining the average temperature over a period of time, or calculating the average sales per day for a business.