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A Discount Calculator is a tool or software program that calculates the discounted price of a product or service after a discount has been applied.

Discounts are a common sales strategy used by retailers and businesses to attract customers and increase sales. Discounts can be applied as a percentage off the original price or as a specific dollar amount off the price. The Discount Calculator helps customers or businesses determine the discounted price after the discount has been applied.

A Discount Calculator works by taking the original price of the product or service and subtracting the discount amount to determine the discounted price. For example, if a product has an original price of $100 and a 20% discount, the discounted price would be $80.

Discount calculators can be found in various forms, such as online tools, mobile apps, or built-in features in point-of-sale systems. They are useful for both consumers and businesses, as they can help determine the final price of a purchase after a discount has been applied, which can help with budgeting and decision-making.