Percentage Calculator

Calculate the percentage of any given number. For example 15% of 345 = 51.75.

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A Percentage Calculator is a tool or software program that calculates the percentage of a number or compares two numbers as a percentage.

Percentage calculators can be used to perform a wide variety of calculations, such as calculating tax or tip on a bill, determining the percentage increase or decrease in a value over time, or calculating the percentage of a particular ingredient in a recipe.

The basic formula for calculating percentage is:

Percentage = (Part / Whole) x 100

In this formula, the "Part" refers to the value you want to calculate the percentage of, and the "Whole" refers to the total value.

For example, if you want to calculate the percentage of tax on a $100 bill, and the tax is $8, you would use the following formula:

Percentage = (8 / 100) x 100 = 8%

Percentage calculators can also be used to compare two numbers as a percentage, such as calculating the percentage difference between two prices or salaries. In this case, the formula is:

Percentage Difference = (|Old Value - New Value| / Old Value) x 100

Percentage calculators can be found in various forms, such as online tools, mobile apps, or built-in features in spreadsheet programs. They are useful for a wide range of applications and can save time and effort in performing complex calculations.