URL Encoder Decoder

URL Encoder Decoder tool is a tool that allows users to encode or decode URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) or other web addresses.

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A URL is a string of characters that is used to identify a web resource, such as a web page, image, or file, on the internet.

Encoding a URL means converting certain characters in the URL to a format that can be safely transmitted and interpreted by web browsers and other internet applications. This is necessary because some characters in URLs, such as spaces or special characters, can cause errors or be misinterpreted by web browsers and servers. Encoding replaces these characters with a sequence of characters that can be safely transmitted and interpreted.

Decoding a URL means converting an encoded URL back to its original format. This is necessary when working with encoded URLs, such as when copying and pasting URLs or working with URLs in web development.

URL Encoder Decoder tool provides a simple interface for users to input a URL or other web address and to choose whether to encode or decode the URL. The tool then applies the appropriate encoding or decoding rules and displays the resulting URL.

Using a URL Encoder Decoder tool can be helpful for a variety of purposes, such as encoding URLs for use in email or social media messages, decoding URLs for troubleshooting or debugging purposes, or simply for learning more about how URLs work. Additionally, a URL Encoder Decoder tool can be useful for web developers and designers who need to work with URLs in their work.